I’ll participate of OPW

Hello everyone.

Its a big joy share with you that I was selected to participate at Outreach Program for Women. For who don’t know the OPW is a program that happens twice times at year. The OPW encourages the participation of womens at all world to contribute in open source projects.

The selected womens on 7th edition will colaborate in open sources projects of these companys:

  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Linux Kernel
  • Mozilla
  • OpenStack
  • OSRF
  • Wikimedia

To join OPW is necessary to be attentive to dates, as soon as the subscription is open the participating organizations disclose the lists of mentors and projects with the specific guidelines for the application.

In summary, the applicants need choose the project that want colaborate and get in touch with your potential mentor. The mentor will guide and grant some activities and contributions that should be asked before the registration.

In my case, I choose the MediaWiki Homepage Redesign project of Wikimedia Foundation  and I got in thouch with the mentors Quim Gil e Heather Walls that were very solicitous to assist me. Beyond the contributions, the Wikimedia asks that each participant make a plan with activities intended to develop at chosen project.

Its important to remember that projects are not only related to programming, there are projects in UX, documentation, translate and more.

One of the OPW’s requirements is the dissemination of project progress on the blogs of each participant. So between December and March I will post a lot about the project here on my blog.

Feel free to contact me and take any question about the project, as usal I’ll be glad to answer whenever possible.

I take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and contributors who make the OPW happen and to wish good luck to all selected women.

We women should feel free to build our dreams. We must believe that we have the strength to overcome fear and prejudice.

See you soon.




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