Why you should join the OPW?

Hello everyone.

Before answering “Why you should join the OPW?” I want disclose that the next round of OPW have a date. The application deadline will be March 19, 2014, and internship date from May 19 to August 18. So you have almost five months to organize your stuff and participate.


Well, let’s talk about the benefits of joining the OPW:

  • You’ll meet a lot interesting people around the world and expand your networking.
  • You’ll learning how the FOSS communication environment works.
  • If English is not your first language you’ll have the opportunity to practice.
  • You can work remotely from anywhere.
  • You’ll collaborate with amazing projects.
  • You’ll disseminate the participation of women in the FOSS community.
  • You’ll gain international experience.
  • You’ll receive $5,000 stipend.
  • You can receive $500 to travel allowance.

And there is another sensational point that makes OPW more special and inclusive:

This program is open to anyone who was assigned female at birth and anyone who identifies as a woman, genderqueer, genderfluid, or genderfree regardless of gender presentation or assigned sex at birth.

If you aren’t convinced yet to join the OPW feel free to contact with me to know more about the program.

See you 😉


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