And so ended the OPW

I’m very glad to complete the three month of OPW. The program was a amazing opportunity to learn about the MediaWiki and know more about Wikimedia Community. And I’m always recommending it to all women to participate, too.

The time of project passed very fast and was very wonderful be part of this and stay close to the FOSS community. The following, I made a brief summaries of all the activities and deliverables of the project.

The most of initial deliverables expected to MediaWiki Homepage Redesign project was achieved. The main problems at current homepage was identify, propose and discuss the solutions for this problems. The first step was created a Design Document for documenting our thoughts, ideas, wireframes and mockups. The link to our discuss was divulged in mailing list an we started to received some feedbacks. A lot of sites was using as inspirations to good lessons and pattern to avoid and to create the wireframes.

The wireframes was exported with SVG format to enable the edition by others users. Due the shortly, after some iterations we focused to make the realistic mockups to get more involvement of the community. The texts to be used began to be discussed together realistic mockups. The design team had meaningful collaboration with the project. They gave your opinions on document structure, palette colors, images and icons. Furthermore, we also had good participations of other users, too.

To finalize we started the preview using resources of the own MediaWiki. Were used the Banner Template of Wikivoyage, RSS to MediaWiki release and news, gallery, images of Wikimedia Commons and mediawiki.ui style.

Although, we have made the preview there is still much to discuss to gain the consent of community and this project doesn’t finish with the end of OPW. I really thank everyone who contributed until now, especially Quim Gil and Heather Walls who were my mentors always available to help me and show me the right way. And I hope continue contributing at least until the final version of the homepage.

Lastly, I intend continue collaborate with MediaWiki and mainly with the redesign of the homepage.

I have received some contacts of Brazilian women interested to know more about how to apply to OPW and I’m happy to be useful. Please fell free to contact me about any question.

Well, I just thank to Gnome Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation and all the other sponsors that are make this admirable program. Thank all of you.

See you soon 😉


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