WikiConference USA – I was there

Hello everyone.

I would like to share that I attended WikiConference USA 2014. Was a very interesting conference where I could learn more about how the Wikimedia community works.

I had the opportunity to interact with other developers and participate in amazing lectures.

I also noticed the concern in making women actively participate in the community. His knowledge was wonderful to see other women sharing and encouraging others to do the same.

Karen Sandler’s lecture was very good at showing us the results of OPW so far. The OPW is a program very encouraging and I hope it continues and that more women can benefit from it and collaborate with open source projects.

Taking advantage of this post I would like to share that the application for round 9 of the OPW is already open, so girls go go go!

Again, I am very grateful to have participated in the OPW and WikiConference.

See you soon.


And so ended the OPW

I’m very glad to complete the three month of OPW. The program was a amazing opportunity to learn about the MediaWiki and know more about Wikimedia Community. And I’m always recommending it to all women to participate, too.

The time of project passed very fast and was very wonderful be part of this and stay close to the FOSS community. The following, I made a brief summaries of all the activities and deliverables of the project.

The most of initial deliverables expected to MediaWiki Homepage Redesign project was achieved. The main problems at current homepage was identify, propose and discuss the solutions for this problems. The first step was created a Design Document for documenting our thoughts, ideas, wireframes and mockups. The link to our discuss was divulged in mailing list an we started to received some feedbacks. A lot of sites was using as inspirations to good lessons and pattern to avoid and to create the wireframes.

The wireframes was exported with SVG format to enable the edition by others users. Due the shortly, after some iterations we focused to make the realistic mockups to get more involvement of the community. The texts to be used began to be discussed together realistic mockups. The design team had meaningful collaboration with the project. They gave your opinions on document structure, palette colors, images and icons. Furthermore, we also had good participations of other users, too.

To finalize we started the preview using resources of the own MediaWiki. Were used the Banner Template of Wikivoyage, RSS to MediaWiki release and news, gallery, images of Wikimedia Commons and mediawiki.ui style.

Although, we have made the preview there is still much to discuss to gain the consent of community and this project doesn’t finish with the end of OPW. I really thank everyone who contributed until now, especially Quim Gil and Heather Walls who were my mentors always available to help me and show me the right way. And I hope continue contributing at least until the final version of the homepage.

Lastly, I intend continue collaborate with MediaWiki and mainly with the redesign of the homepage.

I have received some contacts of Brazilian women interested to know more about how to apply to OPW and I’m happy to be useful. Please fell free to contact me about any question.

Well, I just thank to Gnome Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation and all the other sponsors that are make this admirable program. Thank all of you.

See you soon 😉


OPW – 5th status report

Hello everyone.

I’m at final stretch of OPW that finish in 10th March. In this final step we are working hard on preview of homepage.

The work in preview started in the last week and I’m very impressed with the excelente participation of the community and I’m very glad to participate of this project.

I’m learning how to use Wikitext of MediaWiki and your features to add image, gallery, link and table.

Beyond the text editor I can always customize the preview with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The other interesting feature of MediaWiki is the possibility to use templates that can be using in many pages. And the templates could be import from others wikis. In the preview we are using a template of Wikivoyage.

That’s it. Meanwhile anyone who wants could give your opinion and participate to the new homepage.

See you there 😉


OPW – 4th status report

Hi everyone.

I’m really enjoying participate of OPW and learning a lot about about design, colors, UX and FOSS community, of course.

After doing many mockups and discussing and evolving, we decide it was time for more realistic mockups with graphic elements such as icons and images. These graphical mockups are using the real text and contents proposed to stay in the homepage. For this we create a discussion only to the texts, and you can see it here.

With the realistic mockup we receive more participation of community. The design team actively participating and this is very important for the success of the project.

The color palette has a great evolution, too. Initially I proposed use the yellow, orange and blue although the yellow color is considered a difficult color to work. These colors were proposal to harmonize with the MediaWiki logo, but the logo also could be recast in the future. Therefore, the orange turned brown and now we are using the green. The blue and green are the same hex defined in the Agora spec, we will follow the pattern already established.

Improvement the Design Document and the structure of homepage is continuous with each good consideration received.

I’m looking for pictures and icons for use in the graphic mockup and met Wikimedia Commons, which has over 20 million image available for use.

Well that’s it for now.

See you soon.


OPW – 3rd status report

Hello everyone.

In this post I want to share the last activities I’m working on OPW. Actually I’m focused on building the mockup of the new MediaWiki homepage. This is an iterative and evolutionary process, the mockup is improved by collaboration and opinion of the community.

I’m still working on the Design Document, we are defining and prioritizing which problems of homepage will be solved.

Moreover, we are working on defining the color palette. It’s a difficult task and very impactful. I feel that the project is progressing well and I have received good feedback from the community.

That’s all for now.

See you soon 😉


OPW – 2nd status report

Hi everyone.

In this my second status report I want to share about the things I’ve done in recent weeks. I’m learning a lot about how the FOSS communication environment works. I’m really impressed how community is organized. Everyone knows what need to do and has their own responsibilities.

I installed MediaWiki to test and know it better and wrote a post about how easy was install MediaWiki on Mac.

I get online in #mediawiki IRC all time when I’m working. Any question I have about where to find some information I ask in IRC and someone always answers me. And that’s really amazing.

I invited the participation of the community to discuss about the MediaWiki Homepage Redesign project in mailing list (wikitech-l and design) and I received relevant feedbacks.

In addition, I collected the problems and improvement suggested by community and compiled everything to add to the Design Document.

That’s it 😉


Why you should join the OPW?

Hello everyone.

Before answering “Why you should join the OPW?” I want disclose that the next round of OPW have a date. The application deadline will be March 19, 2014, and internship date from May 19 to August 18. So you have almost five months to organize your stuff and participate.


Well, let’s talk about the benefits of joining the OPW:

  • You’ll meet a lot interesting people around the world and expand your networking.
  • You’ll learning how the FOSS communication environment works.
  • If English is not your first language you’ll have the opportunity to practice.
  • You can work remotely from anywhere.
  • You’ll collaborate with amazing projects.
  • You’ll disseminate the participation of women in the FOSS community.
  • You’ll gain international experience.
  • You’ll receive $5,000 stipend.
  • You can receive $500 to travel allowance.

And there is another sensational point that makes OPW more special and inclusive:

This program is open to anyone who was assigned female at birth and anyone who identifies as a woman, genderqueer, genderfluid, or genderfree regardless of gender presentation or assigned sex at birth.

If you aren’t convinced yet to join the OPW feel free to contact with me to know more about the program.

See you 😉


OPW – 1st status report

Hello everyone.

In this post I’ll talk a bit about the project I’m working on OPW, and as I said earlier I chose MediaWiki Homepage Redesign project. This project aims to redesign the layout of the homepage MediaWiki to better reflect the activities undertaken by our community.

The project does not involve much technological complexity but brings a big impact to the community and therefore needs a lot of collaboration and discussion before we define what will be implemented.

Because of this I’m learning a lot about how the community works. We use IRC (irc.freenode.net) to communicate in real time and you can find us on channels #mediawiki, #wikimedia and #wikimedia-dev. Furthermore, we discuss through of mail lists and “Talk” pages directly in MediaWiki.

Any interested person on project is free to opine and contribute and all feedback will be considered. The evolution of this project is totally dependent of participation the community because every decision needs to be made with a consensual agreement.

Right now we are preparing the Design Document. In summary, this paper responds to questions about the project, describes the value and how the project will work. This document will also contains all mockups produced during the project.

For now is this. See you soon 😉

#configuração, #OPW

How to install MediaWiki on Mac OS X using MAMP?

Hello everyone.

As I said earlier I will work on Wikimedia Foundation on the project MediaWiki Homepage Redesign. So the first thing I did was kill my curiosity, I downloaded the MediaWiki code and put to run on my machine. MediaWiki has been created using PHP and I need to run some MAMP solution because nowadays I ‘m using Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9). The MediaWiki works with multiple databases, but I chose the MySQL because it comes with MAMP.

Let’s work.

First you will need to obtain the MAMP, install normally and start the service.

Now you need create a user to database. To do this you can access the http://localhost:8888/MAMP and in phpMyAdmin section create a user named mediawiki and choose a password.

mediawiki user

mediawiki user

After this you need get the source code of MediaWiki, extract the content and copy to folder of MAMP, like that:

cd /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/

cp -R ~/Downloads/mediawiki-X.X.X .

mv mediawiki-X.X.X mediawiki

So, now if you access the http://localhost:8888 page you should see this:

And if you click at link you will see the page to start the installation of MediaWiki:

Installation is very simple, but you need to pay attention in connection with the database. Make sure that:

  • selected MySQL as database type
  • give a name for your database
  • inform the credentials of user database previously created
Connect database

Connect database

To finish the process of installation some file named LocalSettings.php will be generated and the last step is put it inside mediawiki folder:

cp ~/Downloads/LocalSettings.php .

And is ready!!! You can access your wiki http://localhost:8888/mediawiki/index.php.

That’s all folks 😉


I’ll participate of OPW

Hello everyone.

Its a big joy share with you that I was selected to participate at Outreach Program for Women. For who don’t know the OPW is a program that happens twice times at year. The OPW encourages the participation of womens at all world to contribute in open source projects.

The selected womens on 7th edition will colaborate in open sources projects of these companys:

  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Linux Kernel
  • Mozilla
  • OpenStack
  • OSRF
  • Wikimedia

To join OPW is necessary to be attentive to dates, as soon as the subscription is open the participating organizations disclose the lists of mentors and projects with the specific guidelines for the application.

In summary, the applicants need choose the project that want colaborate and get in touch with your potential mentor. The mentor will guide and grant some activities and contributions that should be asked before the registration.

In my case, I choose the MediaWiki Homepage Redesign project of Wikimedia Foundation  and I got in thouch with the mentors Quim Gil e Heather Walls that were very solicitous to assist me. Beyond the contributions, the Wikimedia asks that each participant make a plan with activities intended to develop at chosen project.

Its important to remember that projects are not only related to programming, there are projects in UX, documentation, translate and more.

One of the OPW’s requirements is the dissemination of project progress on the blogs of each participant. So between December and March I will post a lot about the project here on my blog.

Feel free to contact me and take any question about the project, as usal I’ll be glad to answer whenever possible.

I take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and contributors who make the OPW happen and to wish good luck to all selected women.

We women should feel free to build our dreams. We must believe that we have the strength to overcome fear and prejudice.

See you soon.